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Is Ozzy Osbourne Jewish? What Is His Religion? Slams Kanye West For Sample

Ozzy Osbourne, born on December 3, 1948, is not Jewish and was raised in a Christian religious family in England. His early upbringing was steeped in the traditions and teachings of Christianity.

Ozzy Osbourne, a British musician and media figure, gained prominence in the 1970s as the frontman of the heavy metal group “Black Sabbath.”

Joining “Black Sabbath” as a founding member in 1968, he lent his lead vocals from their debut album in 1970 until “Never Say Die!” in 1978.

Following his dismissal from the rock band in 1979 due to alcohol and drug issues, he embarked on his solo career. His solo career took flight with “Blizzard of Ozz” in 1980, followed by the release of 13 studio albums.

British Musician, Ozzy Osbourne
British Musician Ozzy Osbourne (Source: Instagram)

Rising to fame as a reality TV star in the early 2000s, he became known for his role on the MTV reality show “The Osbournes,” which featured his family life with his wife Sharon and their children Kelly and Jack.

With sales surpassing 100 million albums to date, his catalog encompasses both his solo output and his work with Black Sabbath. Notable albums include “Black Sabbath,” “Never Say Die!,” “13,” “Scream,” “Ordinary Man,” “Patient Number 9,” and more.

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Is Ozzy Osbourne Jewish? What Is His Religion?

Ozzy Osbourne identifies with Christianity as his religion. He said:

I’m a Christian. I was christened as a Christian. I used to go to Sunday school. I never took much interest in it because … I didn’t. My idea of heaven is feeling good. A place where people are alright to each other. This world scares the shit out of me. We’re all living on the tinderbox.

On his widely-watched reality show, Ozzy was frequently seen wearing crosses and would sometimes take a moment to kiss them.

Throughout his career, various religious groups have criticized Osbourne for allegedly negatively impacting teenagers, asserting that his style of rock music promotes Satanism.

While Osbourne’s song “Mr. Crowley” may draw comparisons, he denies any affiliation with Satanism; conversely, reports indicate he is associated with the Church of England and prays before each concert.

The members of Black Sabbath have consistently stated that they never embraced Satanism or black magic.

Though their lyrics were deliberately eerie, they were never intended to lure listeners to the dark realms of the occult.

Ozzy Osbourne Is Christian By Religion
Ozzy Osbourne Is Christian By Religion (Source: Instagram)

Subsequently, the band embraced an elaborate Christian cross as their symbol in a genuine manner.

They also began writing songs from a Christian standpoint, addressing themes such as the fear of apocalyptic war and the horrors of existence.

Osbourne has stated that the occult themes in his music are exaggerated and intended to be enjoyed as entertainment and fiction.

He consistently finishes every show by asking God to bless the audience. Though not saintly, he deeply believes in Christianity.

Despite his struggles with addiction and other personal challenges, he has credited his faith with providing him strength and guidance throughout his life.

As Osbourne’s career has progressed, his expressions of faith have become more pronounced.

In interviews and public appearances, he has spoken openly about the importance of spirituality and the role of Christianity in his life.

His religious journey serves as a reminder of the multifaceted nature of spirituality and the ongoing quest for meaning amid life’s challenges and triumphs.

Ozzy’s wife, Sharon, practiced Judaism and was raised in a household with a Jewish father and an Irish Catholic mother.

She has shared that she has brought up her children “to appreciate and value all religions.”

Ozzy Osbourne Criticises Kanye West For Using Sample

Both Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic frontman of Black Sabbath, and the estate of the late Donna Summer have accused Kanye West of utilizing their music recordings without authorization for his recent album.

The album “Vultures 1,” a collaboration between West and Ty Dolla $ign, was released on streaming services early Saturday.

Previews of the album were shared at Chicago’s United Center with snippets circulating on social media, including segments of the song “Carnival,” which Osbourne disputed for reportedly sampling a 1983 live rendition of Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man.”

Ozzy Osbourne Calls Out Kanye West for Using Sample Without Permission
Ozzy Osbourne Calls Out Kanye West for Using Sample Without Permission (Source: People)

Osbourne took to X to state that he had declined a request for a portion of a 1983 live performance of the Black Sabbath song “War Pigs” to be featured on West’s new album, yet was informed that it had been included anyway during a recent listening party.

In his statement, Osbourne emphasized that he “rejected permission because he is an antisemite and has caused untold heartache to many.” He further stated, “I want absolutely no association with this individual!”

On her social media platform, Ozzy Osbourne’s wife, Sharon shared that “the Osbourne family has consistently avoided any connection with Kanye West.”

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