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Hasan Piker Parents: Father Mehmet Behçet Piker & Mother – Ethnicity

Hasan Piker parents, Mehmet Behçet Piker and Erdem Gül life, have greatly influenced his life and success from the start.

Born on July 25, 1991, Hasan Doğan Piker, also known as HasanAbi, is a Turkish-American online streamer and left-wing political commentator.

He has previously worked as a broadcast journalist and producer at The Young Turks and as a columnist at HuffPost.

The left-wing commentator has become one of the most-viewed and most-subscribed-to streamers on Twitch, where he covers news, plays various video games, and discusses politics.

Turkish-American Online Streamer Hasan Piker
Turkish-American Online Streamer Hasan Piker At The Streamer Awards (Source: Instagram)

In March 2018, Hasan started streaming his journey on Twitch, while he was working at The Young Turks.

The left-wing political commentator has said he shifted his attention from Facebook to Twitch to reach a younger audience.

He has also been invited to appear on Fox News’s The Issue Is and the political podcast Chapo Trap House.

On August 20, 2019, He criticized U.S. Representative Dan Crenshaw, a SEAL Team 3 veteran who served in Afghanistan, for his support of American military interventionism overseas.

In 2020, U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez collaborated with Hasan and other Twitch streamers to organize a stream of the Representative playing games for the “Get Out the Vote” initiative.

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Hasan Piker Parents: Father Mehmet Behçet Piker & Mother – Ethnicity

Hasan Doğan Piker was born to Turkish parents in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and raised in Istanbul.

He was raised as a Muslim and upheld Islamic teachings. He is fervent in his support of Muslims’ rights and outspoken about the difficulties they face around the globe.

His father is Mehmet Behçet Piker, a founding member of the right-wing Future Party in Turkey and served on the Board of Directors and as Vice-President of Sabancı Holding.

Hasan Piker Shares A Picture With His Parents On Mother's Day
Hasan Piker Shares A Picture With His Parents On Mother’s Day (Source: Instagram)

Hasan’s Turkish roots are a significant part of his cultural identity, and he often shares his thoughts and experiences related to his heritage.

There has not been much information on his mother as he has been rather secretive about his family due to which there aren’t many footprints of his parents on the internet.

Dr. Mehmet Behçet Piker was born in Istanbul to a family that emigrated from the Greek city of Drama.

The left-wing Twitch streamer’s father graduated from Istanbul Boy’s High School and graduated from Boğaziçi University in 1977 and Istanbul University, Political Sciences Department in 1983.

His father, an individual with a strong work ethic, held multiple jobs, including one with the government. This ensured that the family enjoyed a lifestyle that was perceived as ideal.

Hasan Gets Criticized By Twitch Viewers Over His Controversial Statement

The leading streamers on Twitch have long been pulling in millions of viewers and thousands of subscribers each month.

The opportunities have only risen for creators broadcasting live as streaming has continued to become more mainstream. One Twitch streamer who has remained at the top is HasanAbi, AKA Hasan Piker.

Despite this, Hasan was quickly hit with waves of backlash by his viewers and across socials over claiming that his earnings are the same as those of a doctor.

Hasan Piker Got Slammed For His Out-Of-Touch Views During One Of His Livestreams
Hasan Piker Got Slammed For His Out-Of-Touch Views During One Of His Livestreams (Source: Twitch)

Many flooded in to slam the streamer after one viewer posted the clip to social platforms which garnered much hate towards Hasan.

Much of the criticism revolved around his comparison that “he makes the same amount of money as doctors.”

Many also slammed him for his out-of-touch view on the earnings of doctors and said that he needs a reality check since most of the doctors do not normally earn $200k per month.

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