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Who Is Jazzy DiStefano, Chris DiStefano Wife & Kids? How Many Son And Daughter Do They Have?

Chris DiStefano Wife: Chris DiStefano an American comedian, is married to Jasmine Canuelas and has three children—two with Jasmine and one from her previous relationship.

Chris DiStefano An American Comedian (Source: Instagram)
Chris DiStefano, An American Comedian (Source: Instagram)

Chris Distefano, of German, Italian, and Irish descent, was born and raised in Queens.

Chris Distefano played basketball at St. Joseph’s College after graduating from Archbishop Molloy High School. He earned a doctorate in physical therapy in 2010, practicing until 2013, when he switched to a full-time comedy career.

Distefano started stand-up in 2009, gained fame on MTV’s “Guy Code” and “Girl Code” in 2012-2013, had a Comedy Central special in 2014, and appeared on Late Night with David Letterman in 2013.

In 2015, he embarked on a U.S. tour and co-starred in the IFC series “Benders.” Distefano was featured in Netflix’s “Ultimate Beastmaster” Season 2 in 2017.

Despite unsuccessful TV pilots, he co-starred in the web series “Bay Ridge Boys” and co-hosted the podcast “History Hyenas” with Yannis Pappas in February 2018.

In 2019, Chris Distefano’s debut Comedy Central stand-up special led to a multi-project deal, spawning the series “Stupid Questions” and his podcast, “Stand-Up with Chris Distefano.”

In February 2022, he sold out a show at New York City’s Beacon Theatre and recorded his second special, “Speshy Weshy,” at the Gramercy Theatre in March.

Distefano, a sports enthusiast, has hosted shows like MLB’s “Off The Bat” and MSG’s “The Brackets.” He threw the first pitch for the New York Mets in 2021 and participated in sports-related events.

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Who Is Jazzy DiStefano, Chris DiStefano Wife & Kids? How Many Son And Daughter Do They Have?

Chris DiStefano Wife: After dating comedian Carly Aquilino until 2014, Chris DiStefano found lasting love with Jazzy Canuelas.

In 2014, they met at a bar. Despite early challenges, including an accidental pregnancy, Chris and Jazzy embraced parenthood.

They married in 2015 after Jazzy’s pregnancy, welcoming Delilah in 2015 and their second daughter, Violette Luna, in June 2021.

Jazzy, more than just Chris’s wife, is a prominent fitness trainer with a net worth exceeding $2 million.

Her dedication extends to assisting women dealing with postpartum depression, showcased through her Jazzymethod, a bodyweight training program with music.

Chris DiStefano Wife: Chris DiStefano With His Wife And Kids (Source: Instagram)

Certified in various fitness disciplines, Jazzy shares parenting challenges and promotes a healthy lifestyle on social media.

Despite demanding careers, Chris and Jazzy prioritize family time, emphasizing a supportive and humorous dynamic.

An intriguing aspect of their journey is Jazzy’s decision to remove breast implants, celebrated by Chris as a positive example for their children.

With two kids of their own and Jazzy’s son, Tristan Rega, from a previous relationship, Chris’s affectionate expressions of love for Delilah and Tristan, as shared on the Chrissy Chaos show in March 2021, highlight his commitment as a stepfather.

Chris DiStefano’s story continues, blending comedy, love, and the pursuit of family balance with enthusiasm and resilience.

Chris DiStefano: Comedy, Controversy

Queens-born comedian Chris DiStefano returns to Netflix with his irreverent humor in the special “Speshy Weshy,” premiering on May 3, 2022.

The 37-year-old comic, who once faced backlash and job loss for an insensitive joke, is diving into woke topics, risking another bout of cancellation.

In “Speshy Weshy,” aired on May 3, DiStefano explores societal topics and recounts the social media backlash he faces for being part of what he calls the “grey-zone silent majority.”

Chris DiStefano On First Night Of His Midwest Run (Source: Instagram)
Chris DiStefano On First Night Of His Midwest Run (Source: Instagram)

As he tackles diverse subjects in his special, from legal weed to cancel culture, DiStefano injects humor into each commentary.

DiStefano, who started stand-up at 26 after leaving his job as a pediatric physical therapist, has a colorful personal life.

His takes on current events, while lighthearted, carry underlying messages about personal freedom, parenting, and the ever-present challenge of navigating societal expectations.

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