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Billy Joel Health 2024: What Illness Does He Have?

There has been curious about Billy Joel health since he moved his December 19, 2023, Madison Square Garden concert to June 2024 due to complications.

William Martin Joel, a well-renowned American singer, songwriter, and pianist, was born on May 9, 1949.

Often referred to as the “Piano Man” due to his iconic 1973 song with the same title, Joel has enjoyed a thriving solo music career since the 1970s.

Born in the Bronx, New York City, Joel was raised on Long Island. Despite initially taking piano lessons at his mother’s urging, he left high school to pursue a music career.

Joel’s early ventures included involvement in two short-lived bands, The Hassles and Attila. He secured a record deal with Family Productions, launching his solo career in 1971 with the release of “Cold Spring Harbor.”

Billy Joel, An American Singer, Songwriter And Pianist
Billy Joel, An American Singer, Songwriter And Pianist (Source: Instagram)

In 1972, Joel gained attention from Columbia Records after a live radio performance of “Captain Jack” gained popularity in Philadelphia.

This led to a new record deal and the release of his second album, “Piano Man,” in 1973.

Following albums like “Streetlife Serenade” (1974) and “Turnstiles” (1976), Joel achieved critical and commercial success with the breakthrough album “The Stranger” in 1977.

It became Columbia’s best-selling release, selling over 10 million copies and producing hit singles such as “Just the Way You Are,” “Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song),” “Only the Good Die Young,” and “She’s Always a Woman.”

The album also featured notable tracks like “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” and “Vienna,” both cherished by Joel. In 2022, “Vienna” remained one of his most-streamed online songs.

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Billy Joel Health 2024: What Illness Does He Have?

There have been rumors circulating about the musician Billy Joel facing health issues and grappling with complexities.

Various online reports have amplified these claims, suggesting that Joel has experienced weight loss due to declining health, causing significant concern among his fans and followers.

In 2023, Billy Joel shared unfortunate news about his health and the status of his upcoming concert series in New York City.

In a statement posted on Facebook on December 18, 2023, Piano Man disclosed that the live performance originally planned for the next day at Madison Square Garden had to be postponed until June of the following year.

Billy Joel Health 2024: Billy Joel Performs His New Single At The Grammys
Billy Joel Performs His New Single At The Grammys (Source: People)

This delay was attributed to a viral infection that Joel suffered. In his statement, he expressed disappointment and explained that he was under a doctor’s order for vocal rest due to a viral infection.

He told the fans that he was sorry for the canceled show but again hoped for a speedy recovery to meet soon.

Numerous fans and admirers conveyed their well-wishes to Billy Joel, expressing hopes for his speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing him in future concerts.

Many also extended Christmas and New Year greetings, sending positive energy and support during this time.

As for the circulating rumors, a recent appearance by Billy Joel at the 66th Grammy Awards showcased him looking fit and well. Despite ongoing buzz, he is reportedly doing fine in his current state.

Billy Joel Wife & Kids

Billy Joel was first married to Elizabeth Weber Small. Initially, she married Jon Small, Joel’s music partner in the short-lived duo Attila.

The affair led to the severance of Weber’s relationships with both men. However, Joel and Weber later reconciled and married in 1973.

Elizabeth Weber later became his manager. Their marriage ended in divorce on July 20, 1982.

Joel’s second marriage took place in March 1985 to model Christie Brinkley. They had a daughter named Alexa Ray Joel in December 1985.

However, Billy Joel and Brinkley went on their separate paths on August 26, 1994.

Billy Joel Health 2024: Billy Joel With His Wife Alexis Roderick And Daughters
Billy Joel With His Wife Alexis Roderick And Daughters (Source: Instagram)

In October 2004, Joel married for the third time to chef Katie Lee. Their marriage ended in separation on June 17, 2009.

On July 4, 2015, Joel married for the fourth time to Alexis Roderick, an equestrian and former Morgan Stanley executive.

The couple had been together since 2009. They have two daughters, Della Rose Joel (b. August 12, 2015) and Remy Anne Joel (b. October 22, 2017).

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