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Akbar V Baby Fathers: Had A Baby By Her Uncle? Baby Daddy

Akbar V Baby Fathers: Akbar V catapulted into the spotlight on Sept. 26, 2023 following a fiery Twitter exchange with Cardi B.

The clash ignited when Cardi proudly announced that the music video for her collaboration with GloRilla, “Tomorrow 2,” had amassed 6 million views on YouTube.

Akbar V seemingly responded with subtweets, prompting Cardi to assert, “I don’t really like the internet games…My DMs are open and also the streets!” She further asserted, “I don’t gotta @, I can change a bi— life just by a mention….AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet!!”

Akbar V Baby Fathers
Akbar V Posing (Source: Instagram)

Although private messages clarified the situation between Cardi and Akbar, the dispute escalated on Twitter, delving into topics like parenthood, chart success, and allegations of Offset’s infidelity with Saweetie.

Even Offset jumped into the fray, refuting Akbar’s claim that he called her and disputing the shared phone number.

Akbar’s original tweet was removed for violating platform rules, prompting Offset to defend his wife, stating, “Bi— that’s not my number, why would I call you when bi— already handling you lame a– h-e.”

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Akbar V Baby Fathers: Had A Baby By Her Uncle? Baby Daddy

Akbar V, the accomplished rapper and entertainment personality, is a mother of five children, each with a different father.

Recently, she opened up about a personal tragedy on her Instagram, revealing that she experienced a miscarriage.

In a heartfelt post, she shared her emotional journey, expressing her initial hesitation to share the story but ultimately deciding to disclose the loss.

In the Instagram post, Akbar V reflected on the significance of this pregnancy, considering it a second chance as she had never raised one of her children from birth.

Despite the challenges, she introduced her five children in a video on her Instagram, showcasing a unique and genuine moment of family connection.

Acknowledging her unconventional parenting journey, she emphasized her dedication to trying her best despite not having a parental role model herself.

Akbar V’s Son Posing With Nikki Minaj (Source: Instagram)

In her caption, Akbar V highlighted that she doesn’t showcase her family life for social media validation but wants her followers to know that she’s managing parenting responsibilities independently.

Expressing gratitude for the support from her grandmothers and fathers while pursuing her dreams, she concluded the post with a proud moment – celebrating Christmas at her home with all her children.

While Akbar V has not publicly shared all of her children’s names, a video shared by The Neighbourhood Talk indicates that she has four sons and one daughter.

Her daughter’s name is Dora.

The oldest son, in his mid-teens, has already made a mark in college football, receiving his first D1 offer from the University of Eastern Kentucky in September 2022.

According to sources, the children’s ages range from 15 to 8, with the oldest son excelling in his athletic pursuits.

Akbar V’s Daughter Is Hospitalized And Struggling For Her Life

In her recent Instagram posts, Akbar V has bared her soul, revealing that her daughter Dora is currently in the hospital fighting for her life.

Although the specifics of the situation remain undisclosed, Akbar’s heartfelt messages have sparked concern among fans, suggesting a severe and grave circumstance.

While the posts have since been removed, they circulated widely on social media after being shared by concerned netizens.

In the initial post, the “RIP Mama” rapper created a poignant reel, showcasing numerous cherished mother-daughter moments, including street dancing, spa sessions, mirror selfies, and salon visits.

Grateful for Dora’s support and describing her as the “best daughter,” Akbar V expressed her emotions while featuring K. Michelle’s song “A Mother’s Prayer” as the soundtrack.

In a surprising twist, Akbar V, known for her track “Money Baby,” took a swipe at Cardi B in the same post, suggesting that Cardi would shed tears if her “man’s hairline was going up the middle.”

Prayers for Akbar V & her family during this time. 💕

— Mílagro (@MobzWorld) December 19, 2023

Additionally, she incorporated a diss track aimed at Cardi, inspired by Mary J. Blige’s song. This unexpected move stirred controversy, with some questioning the timing and appropriateness of the dig.

While Akbar V’s remarks on Cardi B’s relationship drama appeared light-hearted, criticism arose for seemingly degrading another woman during a challenging time.

However, some observers pointed out that Akbar’s dig at Cardi paled in comparison to the reported actions of the latter, including leaking Akbar’s intimate tape and making insensitive jokes about her deceased family, as detailed by Rap-Up.

Amidst the social media buzz, Akbar V’s emotional revelation about her daughter’s health crisis has garnered both sympathy and mixed reactions, emphasizing the complexities of personal struggles within the public eye.

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