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Rachel Dolezal Husband: Is The Fired OnlyFans Teacher Married? Net Worth

Rachel Dolezal, the former college instructor and activist, was previously married to Kevin Moore. Her current marital status is undisclosed.

Nkechi Amare Diallo, formerly known as Rachel Dolezal, embarked on a controversial career as an activist, educator, and NAACP chapter president.

Born in 1977 to white parents, Dolezal faced public scrutiny in 2015 for falsely presenting herself as black.

Rachel Dolezal An American Former College Instructor
Rachel Dolezal An American Former College Instructor (Source: Instagram)

Her career included roles as an art teacher, president of the Spokane NAACP chapter, and chair of the Police Ombudsman Commission.

Despite academic achievements, such as a Master of Fine Arts, Dolezal faced criticism for alleged plagiarism and an unsuccessful discrimination lawsuit against Howard University.

Dismissed from her teaching position at Eastern Washington University in 2015, she later worked as a hair stylist, and artist, and contributed to The Inlander.

In 2024, she was fired from a teaching position in Tucson, Arizona, following revelations about her involvement in adult-oriented platforms.

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Rachel Dolezal Husband: Is The Fired OnlyFans Teacher Married?

Rachel Dolezal has faced persistent controversy, with her tumultuous personal life under scrutiny once again.

Rachel Dolezal’s ex-husband, Kevin Moore, played a significant role in her life and the challenges she faced.

The couple married in 2000, but their union faced turmoil and ended in divorce by 2004. Dolezal filed for divorce, citing instances of physical, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse.

According to Joshua Dolezal, Rachel’s brother, she confided in him about the difficulties in her marriage, expressing fear due to incidents of physical violence.

Rachel Dolezal With Her Ex-Husband And Son Franklin
Rachel Dolezal With Her Ex-Husband And Son Franklin (Source: Instagram)

In his memoir, “Down from the Mountaintop,” Joshua shared Rachel’s account, stating, “He hasn’t hit me yet, but he’s thrown me by my hair twice. I’m scared.”

Moreover, in her memoir, “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World,” she revealed the strains in her interracial marriage, citing Moore’s discomfort with aspects of her embracing African-American culture.

Moore disputed some of Dolezal’s claims, emphasizing that their son, Franklin, provided information about their relationship. He urged Dolezal to consider the impact of her statements on their child.

Despite Moore’s perspective on their marriage, it is clear from Dolezal’s accounts and legal filings that their relationship was tumultuous.

Kevin Moore has not made public comments about Dolezal’s later fame and notoriety, and it appears that there is no reconciliation between the former couple.

Recent reports suggest that Dolezal, now working as a teacher, faced dismissal from her position in Tucson after her OnlyFans account was discovered.

Amidst this renewed scrutiny, questions arise about her current marital status, but information about her present relationship status remains elusive.

Rachel Dolezal Net Worth

Rachel Dolezal, known for her controversial racial identity, holds an estimated net worth of $500,000 in 2024, showcasing financial resilience amid scrutiny.

The former NAACP figure faced public backlash in 2015 when her white heritage was revealed, leading to her resignation and impacting her career in education.

Post-controversy, Dolezal diversified her pursuits, delving into writing, art, and advocacy, contributing to her financial standing.

However, recent events saw her termination from an Arizona school district due to content on her OnlyFans account, breaching social media and ethics policies.

Former Teacher Rachel Dolezal Lost Her Job Due To Her OnlyFans Account
Former Teacher Rachel Dolezal Lost Her Job Due To Her OnlyFans Account (Source: Instagram)

Formerly an African studies instructor, Dolezal turned to OnlyFans in 2021 amid job struggles.

This incident highlights the financial challenges educators face, echoing a broader trend of teachers turning to the platform. OnlyFans, experiencing substantial growth, reached 3 million creators in 2023.

Dolezal’s net worth reflects her ability to navigate professional challenges despite controversies, emphasizing her ongoing engagement in various endeavors.

From racial identity debates to financial resilience, Dolezal’s journey continues to be a subject of public interest and discussion.

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